Homelux offers a wide range of products to complete any tiling project.

From tile trims providing the perfect edge your tiles to Anti-crack and waterproof matting systems giving you complete peace of mind, Homelux provides it all. Being a well recognised and trusted brand within the tiling industry, here at Homelux we strive to bring you the very best and latest on trend products.


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Product of the Month

12.5mm Stainless Steel Tile Trim

Social Media

3 days ago
We're here to help you get your bathroom renovation watertight!
From sealing and capping to waterproof matting, find the accessories and tools you need to get the job done ✨
https://t.co/BKVydxa5DK https://t.co/jN93m8NFx7
1 week ago
Here's what Tilers think of Ultra Mat:
"I have been a tiler for over 13 years and used so many kinds of ditra mate but this one is perfect, good quality and easy to fit and work with"
Ultra Mat can be purchased instore or online from @Wickes: https://t.co/LkZzbTF0PD https://t.co/6fpmCsCUD1
4 weeks ago
Add a touch of glamour to your bathroom decor ✨

Give your lovely new tiles a luxurious finish that will also protect the tile edges with our Champaign metal tile trim! Find out more on our website: https://t.co/QJMwFKhzVq https://t.co/WcGLUil6eh
1 month ago
Give your bathroom project a professional, waterproof finish with our bath and shower seals. They are very easy to fit and a great way to avoid or hide the discolouration that can come with a silicone sealant. Find out more here: https://t.co/dSmfE5cVc4 https://t.co/HTCiBEf9iB
1 month ago
Our Tile Accessories expert Craig Hooper is here to answer some of your FAQs about using Tile Trim:
Q: Should Tile Trim be flush with the tiles? 🤔
A: This is a hard one to answer, as some tilers leave a grout joint and some don't. In my opinion, it's best to practise not to.👌 https://t.co/5dZPc9Kiq6
2 months ago
Prevent surface cracks in tiles and stone by laying Ultra Mat under floor tiles! It's so easy to lay and provides a secure and durable anchor of the floor finish over the base substrate ✅
Available from @Wickes: https://t.co/YsnJQscNSr https://t.co/m34rf4gHJo

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