Homelux offers a wide range of products to complete any tiling project.

From tile trims providing the perfect edge your tiles to Anti-crack and waterproof matting systems giving you complete peace of mind, Homelux provides it all. Being a well recognised and trusted brand within the tiling industry, here at Homelux we strive to bring you the very best and latest on trend products.


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Product of the Month

12.5mm Stainless Steel Tile Trim

Social Media

1 day ago
Is your bathroom missing a pop of purple?

Our stunning Mulberry #mosaic #tiles can soon fix that, making perfectly colourful borders or splashbacks.

Don’t forget the integrated mesh backers makes them super easy for any #DIY-er to fit and install.


https://t.co/uemqCJxmUy https://t.co/GDzHRHVnr4
1 week ago
We’re so used to white or silver #tile trim but there are so many other options!

Our matt black trim can completely transform your tiling job, providing a smart and elegant finish 🖤

#DIY #HomeImprovement

https://t.co/bJzDDpZXIH https://t.co/3a4UpFbZNS
2 weeks ago
Everyone knows we’re mad for #mosaics but these really are something 😍

Our Shadow Mosaic Tile is perfect for creating features or splashbacks & is so easy to install thanks to a mesh backer

Is this just what your bathroom is missing? 🛁

#DIY #Tiling

https://t.co/RfP31HGkNn https://t.co/f8aHsYUV0E
3 weeks ago
Our range of tile trims and anti-crack matting are now available in @wickes, which is great news for anyone who’s still in a #DIY kind of mood but doesn’t want to break the bank!

Sharpen up the appearance of your #tiles in no time 😉

https://t.co/yx7kCBfwrL https://t.co/MMTaJdxlMQ
4 weeks ago
🗣 Calling all #DIY lovers!

#NationalHomeImprovementMonth launches this September 🛠

Get ready to #LoveYourHome by following @HomeMonth’s #MakeOneChange campaign, plus lots of advice from us on tiling and mosaics!


https://t.co/rzoxqj6B0P https://t.co/UMcIEObriD
1 month ago
Our Oyster #mosaic is perfect for creating stunning splash backs, beautiful borders or fabulous feature walls.

The handy mesh backer makes it easy to cut to size and install. Get yours now!

#HomeImprovement #DIY #Inspiration

https://t.co/qNHDGOtemX https://t.co/4BiTMHGuwO

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